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Stress Buster & Stress Relief

Guaranteed to relax the body and mind and re-energize and balance the biological systems on which our health depends. The above therapies can be become a powerful antidote to stress, neutralising and even preventing the negative affects. Stress can manifest itself in many minor ailments such as headaches, indigestion, frequent colds, neck and back ache if you are someone who is suffering with any of the above ailments OR has a stressful event coming up like a wedding - pre wedding nerves for all concerned, a speech or presentation for work, exams, driving test, relationship stress, illness, panic attacks, depression etc...then you would benefit very much from receiving a therapy.

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Stress Buster - Winchcombe

Back/neck massage + either Reflexology/Thai foot or Oriental face massage  £75
(1 hr 30)
Reflexology + Oriental face £85 (2hr)
Back/neck massage + part Reflexology/massage of feet £55 (1hr)
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) great tool to tackle stress £55
Signature Treatment combines Face, Back and Feet Massage £75 (1 hr 30 mins)
Pamper package duo includes Holistic Organic Facial and Back/neck massage £80 (1hr 30m)

Signature treatment - JR

A face and body ritual using flowing movements to take you to a deep place of relaxation. This treatment combines back massage followed by Oriental face massage and finishes with Reflexology using a personal blend of aromatherapy oils lasting for 1hr 30 mins 
Price £75
Please contact Jennifer to arrange an appointment: 01242 603855 or 0797 265 7121


EFT - emotional freedom technique £55

Is very effective for removing residual trauma and the emotions attached to that and many more health and emotional problems and physical problems...please see EFT section for a much better idea of what it can help. It helps on a physical and emotional level and a simple technique that can be self administered anywhere as a way to deal with any sudden problem or event causing distress.
A session lasts 1-1.5 hours £55 please do call for a chat to see whether EFT can help you.
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