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Body, Back/Neck Massage and Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy / Body Massage - Cheltenham Holistic Therapy

Body massage helps to relieve tension and stress in the body by increasing the oxygen and blood flow. Massage improves circulation and lymph which helps with the removal of toxins. Great to sooth and relax muscles and nerves and helpful to improve cellulite. Massage is a great for de stressing.


Massage Services

  • Back/neck massage (Aromatherapy optional) £35 (30 mins)
  • Back/neck + PT Reflexology to the feet £55 (1hr ) - targets back problems/stress


Massage Treatment Combinations

  • Back/neck + Oriental face massage £75  (1 hour 30 mins)  
  • Back/neck + PT Oriental face massage £55 (1hr)                            
  • Back/neck + Reflexology £75 (1 hour 30 mins)
  • Back/neck + Thai foot massage £75 (1hour 30 mins)

Signature treatment - Jennifer Rooze

Body Massage - Cheltenham Holistic Therapy

A face and body ritual using flowing movements to take you to a deep place of relaxation. This treatment combines Back Massage followed by Oriental Face Massage and finishes with Reflexology using a personal blend of Aromatherapy oils lasting for 1 hour 30 mins

Price £75 (1hr 30 mins)


*Vouchers Available

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